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m firmly b▓elieve that the Japanese affair was we●ll on the way towards a peaceful settleme●nt, while at the same time, by dilatory[Pg 211]● tactics and constant preparations, they pro▓voked the Japanese to declare war. The▓re is only one possible position for an int▓elligent ruler who seeks to ●secure veracious

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information.That is to instit▓ute a free press and an independent parliame●nt.To be sure, both press and parliament may ●be led astray, and lead astra


y.It is unquestio●nably easier to find one's way i▓n a few reports of the highest co●unsellors than in the chaotic confusion of voice▓s of unmuzzled newspaper w

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rit▓ers and members of parliament, among whom●, it cannot be denied, conscienceless demag▓ogues find place only too quickly.But he who ●bears such heavy respo

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nsibility should no▓t avoid difficulties; and there is▓ absolutely no other means of gai▓ning a hearing for the truth than● by the free utterance of every criti



c▓ism.Finally, one learns to read and● to hear, and comes to distinguish between● real arguments and those of demagogues.▓ No one outside the country can f▓orm a conception of how the Russian press a

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